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Genevieve Taylor

Exploring the People Side of Sustainability

Genevieve Taylor is passionate about people and planet. She is Vice President at Global Genesis and is trainer and facilitator of teambuilding and personal leadership development, including topics such as communications, time management, conflict resolution and more. She loves getting outdoors in her classes, particularly while facilitating ropes courses. At Global Genesis, she is lucky enough to work with her father, Terry Taylor, who you will hear her mention with great respect from time to time. Who knows, she might even get him to guest blog!

Genevieve is committed to furthering the conversation about how organizations can begin their own sustainability change initiative. She co-founded the Sustainable Enterprise Conference, and recently graduated a fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy. She is also a Leadership Santa Rosa Alum of 2004-5 (Class XXI).

This blog is a way for Genevieve and other organizational change agents to explore how to integrate sustainability more fully into organizations – whether it is a company, a non-profit, or a government agency. Genevieve believes that, in particular, business is a tremendous vehicle for change on the planet, but that for organizations to truly make a difference that lasts over time, they must more closely examine the “people” side of sustainability.

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Outdoor Leadership Course in 2008


  1. Genevieve, I am wondering if you can point to a website or white paper on helping SME or just a small enterprise embrace and adopt TBL?


    — Mike

  2. […] group is composed of Susan Briski, Carrie Hays, John Stayton, Genevieve Taylor, and Terry Taylor.  We have all been consulting and the business world from 6-28 years.  Many of […]

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