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Creating Best Results from a Sustainability Initiative

A sustainability initiative has the power to positively transform a company from the ground up.  How do you know you are getting the best results possible out of a sustainability initiative? An organization must work through the following issues for it to yield the best results.

  • Process By creating a process where cross-departmental and cross-functionary conversations can occur, a process can take advantage of tremendous buy-in and creativity. New ideas are generated that can have multiple levels of impact – on operations, on service or product delivery, and more. Further, the process can be used as a way of examining and improving detrimental patterns and relationships.
  • Structure: How do you structure your organization so that innovation AND environmental & social sustainability are encouraged?  The way employees make decisions, are incentivized, and how they are treated can make a big difference.  We provide the expertise to evaluate your organization for optimal performance and to support your business goals.
  • Leadership and Learning: Sustainability is a change, and in its psychological ramifications can be compared to other major changes in an organizations’ history – a merger and acquisition, developing a new product or service, or changing a basic operations practice. For sustainability to take hold in an organization, it must have staff that is willing to lead when necessary, and who can learn quickly, effectively, and consistently over time. Leaders must be savvy to the psychology of change, aware of how they themselves can impact others positively or negatively, and have the skills necessary for leading change.  By supporting leaders as they implement this change through leadership coaching, training, and mentorship, an organization can build its capacity for not only this change, but for all of the changes an organization faces over time.

At Global Genesis, we approach sustainability through building organizational capacity for strategic sustainability discussions to occur.

We do this by:

  • educating staff about sustainability and triple bottom-line thinking;
  • facilitating strategic planning and visioning sessions for the sustainability initiative;
  • skill-building, coaching, and training leaders for managing and implementing change;
  • engaging multiple stakeholders in a collaborative process on the organizations’ sustainability vision.
  • Our approach is practical, experiential, and has a long history and foundation in organizational development and personal excellence.  Visis www.ggenesis.com for a list of our services and clients.

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