Posted by: genevievetaylor | February 11, 2010

What’s New – Spring 2010

What’s New – Spring 2010

I have just been promoted: here is a short announcement describing the change:

Genevieve Taylor has just been promoted to Vice President at Global Genesis, an organizational development training, and  consulting firm out of Sebastopol, CA.  Genevieve has just celebrated her 6th year at Global Genesis, having started part-time in 2004 and over time building a full-time position.  During that time, she has created new lines of business, including 360 Leadership Development Assessments and Conference Facilitation, along with becoming skilled in leadership development, strategic planning facilitation, teambuilding, and facilitating cultural change.  Terry Taylor, President of Global Genesis, says, “Genevieve has been an enormous contributor.  She has worked hard to hone her personal talents, and has also made Global Genesis a more robust entity.  Most exciting has been her ability to link our unique competencies to the global challenges of sustainability.”  As Vice President, she will help Global Genesis explore new realms of delivery and programs, such as creating effective training for the virtual world.   You can congratulate Genevieve at, and find out more about Genevieve and Global Genesis at or on her blog at

Volunteer Center Non-Profit Conference – March 26, 2010

Genevieve and Terry will both be facilitating and presenting at the bi-annual Non-Profit Conference.  The theme this year is Leadership, Imagination, and Action.  Genevieve will be facilitating a plenary World Café Session in the morning, while Terry will be facilitating a special Leadership Session with Paul Ray, conference keynote and noted author of Cultural Creatives: How 50 million people are changing the world. Terry will also be leading a workshop on Risking Now for a Powerful Tomorrow: Managing innovation, Personal Change, and Cultural adaptation in the 2nd workshop session, and our colleagues Susan Briski and John Stayton will be leading a session on Beyond Recycling: Sustainability & Change Leadership in the 3rd session.

Where to Register:

Cost: $85 – $135; Early Bird Registration available until March 15.

Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2010: Practical Tools for the Transition – May 7, 2010

Genevieve will be MCing the conference this year, and we hope to be presenting workshops on Change, Leadership, and Innovation.  This is THE conference for sustainability in the North Bay – cofounded by Terry and Genevieve more 5 years ago, we are always pleased to participate and support this informative and important regional gathering.  Stay tuned for more details on Global Genesis participation.

Where to register:

Cost: $129 – $195 – Early bird registration until April 1, 2010

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