Posted by: genevievetaylor | July 12, 2010

Topics – San Jose 2010 – Solutions Labs 2010

I will be facilitating a discussion on the following at the upcoming Solutions Lab on July 15 at Ebay in San Jose… I am looking forward to a provocative discussion!  It is $75 for the day – join me if you can!

Topics – San Jose 2010 – Solutions Labs 2010.

Description: At the organizational level, we know a lot about change management. We have tools like “Real-Time Strategic Change,” “Appreciative Inquiry,” “Systems Thinking,” and many other methodologies. However, the game changes when we start to work at industry and sectoral levels – as many of the factors that help align that change are just not as present. To really impact Climate Change, we have to start managing human change – but what are the best practices for aligning wide-spread change at the sectoral level or industry level? What is needed to really tackle the kind of widespread change that is necessary to address our challenges in the limited time available to us?

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